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Our waterstoves are custom made and custom built to order to satisfy any special or layout requirements you may have. Our water stoves can hydronically heat residential homes, pools, spas, Jacuzzi's, green houses, domestic hot water. Our water stoves can even be used in commercial applications. 


At Hicks Waterstoves and Mechanical we can provide you with licensed and experienced welders for any kind of job you may need! Carbon Steel, Stainless, Airlines, Steamlines, Water Main, Argon and various gas lines 

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Hicks Waterstoves and Mechanical also provides rigging services for your company's needs. We can work with the crane company of your choosing or we can quote that service for you as well. 

Industrial Piping
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If you're looking to upgrade your air, gas, or water/steam system in your company or factory, we can handle any regular maintenance, repair, total installation, or fixes. There is no job too big or small at Hicks Waterstoves and Mechanical. 

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